Recent Presentations

Developing a Student Flow Model to Simulate a Student Success Metric at Your Institution

Workshop for the Association for Institutional Research (AIR) Forum. May 2015.

Archer Analytics, LLC was pleased to partner with Takeshi Yanagiura, Director of Research with Postsecondary Analytics LLC, to present this workshop at the 2015 AIR Annual Forum. The Association for Institutional Research’s annual forum is the preeminent international conference for higher education institutional research, assessment, and planning professionals. We had a great turn-out of eager and engaged participants, especially for the last workshop of an exhausting four-day conference! We presented several models that were developed and refined in real-world settings. Our topics spanned from how to conceptualize a modeling project from the beginning to a few technical tips and tricks to use along the way that can make one’s life a little easier. Click below to view the presentation. You may also download the Excel and PDF files with the workshop exercises.