Staff Bio

Sandra Archer, Ph.D. is a higher education data and policy analyst, specializing in both quantitative and qualitative research to inform the decision-making process for policy makers at the national, state, and institutional levels. Dr. Sandra Archer independently owns and operates Archer Analytics, LLC, and brings fifteen years of experience in analytics and data research to her clients on a consultancy basis. Dr. Archer serves a variety of policy formation, organizational and philanthropic groups, and several individual institutions of higher education, often in partnership with Postsecondary Analytics, LLC. Dr. Archer brings a systematic process to her full-scale evaluation services that includes plan development, measurement, findings discovery, formative recommendations, and final reporting.

Prior to Archer Analytics, Dr. Archer served as Director for University Analysis and Planning Support at the University of Central Florida with primary responsibility for developing analytics to support university planning. This included developing enrollment planning models, supporting strategic planning and benchmarking efforts, and conducting special studies to support program management and planning decisions.

Dr. Archer holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering with an Operations Research specialization and an M.S. in Statistical Computing. A recognized leader in the field of Institutional Research, Dr. Archer has served as President of the Florida Association for Institutional Research and is contributing author to the "Handbook of Institutional Research," published in 2012.