Archer Analytics, LLC

Insightful Education Research and Data Analysis

Archer Analytics, LLC serves education stakeholders by conducting quantitative and qualitative analysis to inform the decision process of policy makers and institutional planners. Archer Analytics, LLC is independently owned and operated by Dr. Sandra Archer, who brings fifteen years of experience in analytics and data research to her clients on a consultancy basis. As a freelance agent, Dr. Archer has the flexibility to offer services for short-term projects, or ongoing support for longer-term initiatives. Dr. Archer often partners with a small network of highly-qualified experts in educational planning, statistics, and data modeling depending on project needs. In many cases, this arrangement gives clients the benefit of our expertise, without the cost of employing in-house research support staff. Working with Archer Analytics, LLC ensures that you will have confidence in results that are produced by someone credentialed, knowledgeable, and experienced in many data research and modeling methods.

Please browse this website to learn more about Archer Analytics, LLC’s services and how we can help you with your next analytical project, system modeling, program evaluation, or strategic planning exercise.